Tour of Muggles and Dreamgirls

I enjoyed both field trips today. This weeks trips were definitely the best ones we taken as a class during our stay in London. The first one was the Tour of Muggles. This was a guided walking tour of the different location that the Harry Potter movies were filmed. Although I have never seen a Harry Potter film or read the book I still enjoyed the tour. The tour guide spoke well and confidently. She knew what she was talking about which made her the best public speaker we have had on this tour. My favorite site we went to during this tour was the Millenium Bridge or what some may call the Wobbly Bridge. I really like the story behind the bridge and how it was used in the Harry Potter films.

The second field trip was my favorite among all the ones we have done for this Public Speaking Class. This was the Dream Girls play. Dream Girls is one of my favorite movies, so I knew I would enjoy the play. The actors were great and the sing and dancing was absolutely amazing. They had great public speaking skills and stage presence. My favorite song of the play was “I am Telling You,” The actress that sung that song did a great job and had amazing vocals. Although the play was a lot different from the movie it was still amazing. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to see this play for this class.


Week Three Field trips

This week’s field trips are definitely the best by far. I enjoyed both field trips. The first one was the Tower of London. This was my favorite of the two because we were able to see the beautiful towers. My favorite part of this trip was seeing the beautiful crowns that have been worn by London’s royalty. We also had a guided tour of the Towers and the tour guide did a great job. Although we were a big group, he was still able to speak loud enough for all of us to hear. He was also very interactive with the audience which made his tour more interesting. After leaving the Towers of London, we walked across the Tower Bridge which was also fun.

The second trip was the Jack the Ripper Tour. This was a walking tour of the different locations that Jack the Ripper’s murders took place. My tour guide did a great job. He was very theatrical and would even do different voices when portraying the victims. The theatrical part of the tour helped to make it more interesting rather than the guide just lecturing about it.  The tour guide was also very descriptive when discussing the details of the murders. Although I found this gross and disturbing, this was a great public speaking trait to have. I was able to gain quite a bit of knowledge from this tour because I knew very little about Jack the Ripper prior to this. I have never been interested in serial killer stories, but this tour and the guide really held my interest.

Science Museum and V & A Museum Fieldrip

The first trip we attended was the Science Museum. This was my least favorite field trip because I am not interested in the field of science. My group was assigned the exchange section of the museum which was all about the history of telephone communication. I learned that the invention of the telephone helped to make major changes within social and work relationships because it improved communication. Telephones became more common in different countries in the 1950’s. In 1977 there were telephones that were created for visually impaired individuals to be able to use. A text telephone was developed in 1999 for hearing impaired individuals.

The second trip was at the V & A museum.  This one was more interesting because it was about theatre. My favorite part of this field trip was trying on the different costumes. I like to dress up and it somewhat made me feel like I was in a production. We also had a guided tour which was much better than the guided tour experience I had at the National Gallery. The tour guide spoke very well and was attentive to the audience. He answered everyone’s questions clearly and thoroughly. The only public speaking issue the tour guide had was the use of the word um, but he did such a great job that I barely noticed it. There was also a nice area outside of the museum that had a pond. This was a nice area to enjoy the view and have a calm and relaxing day.

Week One Field trips

Sunday was the first field trip to Hampton Court . This was my favorite trip because the Hampton Court is beautiful, and every piece of it had me in awe. My favorite part of the Hampton Court were the gardens because they were beautiful and serene. There was also a performance in one of the rooms of the Hampton Court. The speakers spoke well, and angled the performance so everyone could see and hear what they were saying.

The Second Trip trip was at St. Paul’s Cathedral. We got to see different aspects of the church while also walking up several flights of stairs. My favorite part was seeing the view of the city after walking up those flights of stairs. Although I didn’t get to make it to the very top, the view from where I stopped at was still beautiful.

Lastly, was the National Gallery. This was my second favorite field trip from this week.  I liked looking at the art pieces in the gallery and also the sculptures that were located outside of the gallery. My least favorite par of this trip was the guided tour. The tour guide had a low pitch in his voice, so it was difficult to hear or understand him. He also failed to make eye contact with the audience which made it less personable.